PHOENIX, ARIZONA (ABC4 News) – The Transportation Security Administration is responding to allegations being made by an Ogden woman.

It’s after Aundrea DeMille says she was publicly made to strip down to her bra by a TSA agent at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

TSA’s statement reads in part, “On Sunday, Feb. 28, 2021, a female traveler came to the security checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport wearing a sweatshirt with a full-length metal zipper.”

During a follow up interview with ABC4, DeMille held up the jacket in question.

It’s zipper appears to be plastic.

TSA’s statement goes on to say, “Knowing that the zipper would likely alarm the security screening technology and then require the traveler to receive a pat-down, the TSA officer asked the traveler if she felt comfortable removing the sweatshirt. The TSA officer’s intent was to offer a more comfortable screening experience and was not told by the traveler that she did not have another shirt under the outer layer.”

“Not once was I asked are you comfortable taking that off,” says DeMille. “He simply said you have to take that off. I zipped it halfway to show him that I had nothing underneath because I didn’t know what my rights are. Then once he could see he told me to take it off.”

DeMille says she’s still mentally processing what happened.

“It’s almost as if they felt I was supposed to come in with a preconceived knowledge of the event rather than seeing it through how I experienced it. The fact that they’re statement came out almost aggressively almost in an attacking way leads merit to there’s something there which is why I’ve retained a lawyer.”

DeMille says she’s meeting with her lawyer on Wednesday.