Ogden School District to keep elementary schools open

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OGDEN, Utah (News4Utah) In a surprising vote Thursday, the Ogden School Board scrapped a proposal to demolish two elementary schools in the core of the city. 

Even while the closure of the schools could have saved the district up to $1 million a year, the school board listened to requests from the majority of parents and students.

“I’m glad. My granddaughter is doing really good here. I’m glad they’re not closing this down,” Delores Martinez said, while picking up her grandchildren at Taylor Canyon Elementary. 

The decision to maintain Taylor Canyon and four other elementary schools came after outcry from the Ogden community in recent weeks, according to Superintendent Rich Nye.

“This was very difficult. Over the last two weeks, we really extended ourselves to the community and they provided a lot of input because we have more elementaries than we currently have students to fill,” Superintendent Nye said.

While the district isn’t moving forward with the school closures, financial and staffing problems remain. 

Administration plans to bring another school bond initiative to the ballot to address some of the oldest and deficient schools. A $106 million bond failed last year. 

“We have a lot of work to do in the time that we have but we will put together one with the community that supporters can rally around,” Superintendent Nye said.

While future school consolidations remain possible, the decision brings relief to parents and grandparents.

“We are glad it is staying open,” Martinez said.

The proposed bond will be voted on in November. 

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