Ogden Raptors take heat for ‘Hourglass Appreciation Night’

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) A promotion for the Ogden Raptors single A baseball has received national attention and backlash. 
Over the weekend a press release went out for “Hourglass Appreciation Night” which was going to feature women with hourglass figures.
Over the weekend this post went out on the Ogden Raptors website promoting an “Hourglass Appreciation Night” game set for August. The team claims this was not approved or known by management.
The post has since been taken down, but has already gone viral and got mixed reaction from Ogden residents. 
“Women are objectified a little too much these days,” said Chad Nalder, Ogden resident.
” I don’t think it’s that bad. Women that have nice bodies should be able to celebrate them,” Heidi Foust, Ogden resident. 
“It’s not uncommon in sports to have the cheerleaders on the sidelines doing stuff like that. So if was something similar to that I don’t think it would be a big deal,” Lorri Okobia, Ogden resident. 
According to the original release, the woman would be available for pictures and be live streamed doing guest commentary in the booth.
Stars Talent Studio was mentioned as the agency supplying the models, but as a shock to the owner who says they never approved any such thing.
“One of the only agencies in the whole world devoted to developing healthy role models is something we’re proud of. So when we saw this we were pretty offended because it’s completely sexualizing women,” said Amber Evans, owner of Star Talent Studio. 
Evans says one of their talent who also works for the Raptors asked about possible booking models in the future, but didn’t specify details.
Evans claims they always stick to strict standards and would have turned this down. She says this has come as a shock and now worries what it could do to her business.
” How are we getting pulled in on this media because this could affect our business, and it’s not true, we didn’t support this, we didn’t agree to this.”
The release went on to say the team apologized for anyone offended, but also that they wouldn’t take any questions on the matter.
The full statement reads: 
“The Ogden Raptors regret an unauthorized press release was disseminated over the weekend announcing a promotion that was not approved or scheduled by club ownership or management. This promotion will not take place and steps have been put in place to ensure this will not happen again. The Ogden Raptors offer a sincere apology to anyone who was offended by the promotion itself and the contents of the press release, and in now way supports or condones the objectification of women. It is not reflective of the values of the Ogden Raptors, Los Angeles Dodgers organization, the Pioneer Baseball League or Minor League Baseball.” 
The event won’t be happening, but it’s unclear what impact it will have on the team.Evans says she could not tell us who requested those models because of confidentiality.

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