Ogden man says neighbor wrongfully shot his dog

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OGDEN (News4Utah) – An Ogden man says his German Shepherd is fighting for its life after being shot by their neighbor Sunday morning.

Ogden Police said they received a call at 10:40 a.m. in the area of 700 Ogden Avenue about a man who shot his neighbor’s dog after it attacked him.

News4Utah asked Lt. Will Carr with Ogden Police Department when someone could resort to deadly force with an animal.

“If you’re at your own property and you feel that your life is in any way threatened, then you have the right to defend yourself,” said Lt. Carr.

The dog’s owner, Sheldon Dunn said he believes his neighbor’s life was not in danger and he wrongfully shot his dog.

“We’ve asked the neighbors not to press on the fence with power tools, it irritates the animal. During any other interaction, my dog has been just fine with the neighbors,” said Dunn.

Dunn said his neighbor was using his lawn mower against the fence that borders his property when his dog, Bruno was outside using the bathroom.

“Granted, he did bite the gentleman, but Bruno was still in my yard. We have signs posted saying ‘Beware of animal. There are guard dogs on the property,’” said Bruno. “There was a barrier between the two. The man, all he had to do was step back out of the animal’s reach, come knock on my door, and let me be aware so I could take care of the situation.”

Dunn said his neighbor fired his gun twice at Bruno, hitting it once in the back right leg. He said his dog is still in critical condition.

“For eight hours today, I was with Bruno watching him possibly slowly die and bleed out to death,” said Dunn. “The bullet is still stuck in his leg, it hit an artery. All I can do now is make my animal comfortable until then. I might have to bury my best friend.”

Dunn said he wants the public to know that his dog is not aggressive, but can get protective.

“Bruno don’t mean no harm. He’s got a 2-year-old and a woman to look after while I’m working night shifts. We realize this is Ogden and there are bad people here but we don’t believe in firearms because once you discharge that round, you can’t take it back,” said Dunn.

Police said the neighbor suffered minor injuries.

They have not released additional details on their investigation, such as whether they will press charges.

News4Utah attempted to speak to the neighbor who fired his gun at the dog, but he did not answer his door.

Dunn and his family said they need help with medical expenses and will need financial assistance for surgery if Bruno survives. You can find the link for their fundraiser here: https://www.gofundme.com/save-our-bruno

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