Ogden city officials say it’s OK to drink tap water

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – You may have noticed many people buying cases of water because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jordan Verdadeiro spoke to Ogden Water Utility officials about drinking water and the safety of customers.

Ogden City officials want people to know the tap water is completely safe to drink there’s no need to go to grocery stores and buy cases of water during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Water. It’s a basic essential. And if you’re not sure if it’s safe during this pandemic, or after the earthquake, you might be weary of drinking out of the tap.

“There’s no reason to actually go into a store to purchase water to get a risk to catch the COVID-19 virus that’s going around when you can go turn on your tap and get drinking water right to your home,” said Justin Anderson, Public Services Deputy Director for Ogden City.

The water delivered to your home or business is safe for use, city officials said. That includes cooking, drinking, bathing and hand washing.

“We’ve actually stepped up precautionary measures and taking more samples and testing the quality of our water to make sure it is safe and sound,” said Brady Herd, Ogden City Public Utilities Manager.

The water is treated with chlorine to remove or kill pathogens, including all types of viruses before they reach your tap, according to city leaders.

“We’ve got technicians and operators that are certified through the state,” said Herd.

City leaders said using the water that is delivered to your home or business is also more efficient.

“When it comes to bottled water it is actually a lot more expensive to go and purchase bottled water,” said Herd.

Ogden City leaders said they are also aware that some customers may see an interruption in their level of income due to the effects of COVID-19.

“We aren’t doing offs on services as long as residents  and businesses continue to make arrangements,” said Herd.

City officials said they will work with customers with billing and payment arrangements as long as you contact the city utilities department. To discuss payment arrangements: 801-629-832 or visit: https://www.municipalonlinepayments.com/ogdencityut/utilities for more information.


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