SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – With two crashes that left cars totaled, the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) and Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) are warning drivers about speeding and lack of safety. 

Photos from a crash in Salt Lake City Saturday shared by SCLPD, as well as a photo from UHP have one thing in common: officials say both happened due to high speeds. 

“Seems like ever since Covid, cars on the road are going faster and faster, with an increased number of cars every single day at 100 and 105 miles an hour,” Sgt. Brian Peterson with UHP said. 

Troopers say since their last report, they’ve seen over 4500 people speeding over 100 miles an hour. 

Peterson says he sees it way too often. 

“A car passed me and I noticed, one they weren’t wearing a seatbelt, two they were well over 100 mph and the third thing is they were texting as I drove by. So you put all these things together, and if they’re involved in a crash, it’s not going to be a good outcome.” 

And not only is driving this way dangerous, it can cost you.  

“Anybody who’s going 105 mph or over can be cited for reckless driving and go to jail for. Anybody going over 100 mph, the fine is increased over a regular speeding ticket,” UHP trooper Quincey Breur says. 

And with fall and winter weather on the horizon, UHP says driving at these speeds is even deadlier. 

“We’re going to see an increased number of crashes once the weather hits, and once it’s raining and it’s snowing and the roads are slick, the chances of you being in a crash are a lot higher,” Peterson said. 

But UHP says the driver of the crash Saturday walked away with minor injuries, all because they wore their seatbelt. 

“One piece of equipment in your vehicle that you can control every single time you get in, and it will save your life when you’re in a crash is your seatbelt,” Peterson says. 

He says in all the fatal crashes he’s responded to, the victims never wore a seatbelt.