Officials prepare for big mosquito season

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Mosquitos love standing water — and this year, Utah has had plenty of water.

“This season could be a pretty bad mosquito year because of all the water right now,” said Greg White, Assistant Director with Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District.

“We’re not seeing it yet, as far as the adult mosquitos, but we anticipate that this early summertime when the temperatures start to really warm up, there will be a lot of mosquito activity,” added White.

White says that officials have found an above-average number of premature mosquitos or larvae.

They’re busy testing those mosquitos, too. When the weather gets warm, officials say they will be tracking numbers and whether West Nile virus might come to Utah.

“In some of our neighboring states in the Southwest — California, Arizona — are starting to see West Nile Virus being transmitted early this season, so we’re going to be watching that carefully as well,” said White.

“We usually trend behind them because we’re a little further North and cooler up here, but if the trend holds true in what we’re seeing in some of the Southwestern areas, we could see more West Nile Virus this season than we did last year,” added White.


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