Officials concerned it may be a busy wildfire season

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 News) — The US Forest Service is getting ready for what could be a very busy fire season. 

Rangers are doing a lot to prevent the big fire form hitting Utah in 2019.

The US Forest Service Forest Supervisor David Whittekiend said, “I think one of the most important things is, as we have shown from last fire season, is if communities are protected and they have fuel breaks then we can help protect those communities when a fire comes off the forest.” 

Officials are comparing 2019’s fire season to 2016.

“It was a big snow year, great skiing, and then when the snow came off we didn’t get a lot of summer rain so our folks were very busy that summer,”  the Forest Supervisor said. 

Rangers will conduct 11,000 acres of fuel treatment this year. 
Much of that will be along Mirror Lake Highway where the Slate, Box Canyon, and Murdock fires were located. 

The US Forest Service said over 50 percent of wildfires in the state are caused by people each year. 

“It can be anything from abandoned campfires to a cigarette tossed to the side or a trailer train dragging on the highway, but we want to emphasize to really be careful about fire,” said Whittekiend.

Another area of concern is along the Wasatch front.

“If we grow a lot of grass in the foothills it will be even more important to be careful with fireworks and things like that because you can easily start a fire here on the front that will threaten homes immediately,” he added.

Rangers to say get involved in local fire safety programs and contact your fire department to do a walkthrough around your home. 

Its Springtime and firefighters say if you can keep a 30-foot clearance around your home, you’ll create that fireline they need to save it. 

For more information on how to prepare for a fire visit the following websites:

UFA Wildland Urban Interface:

Plan Ahead:

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