Off-duty officer who was targeted for robbery found justified in shooting

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- An off-duty West Valley officer was found justified in shooting two teenagers after officials say they threatened him with a weapon during an attempted robbery.

It happened on the night of Nov. 7th. Officials say the WVCPD officer also worked part time as a security officer for the apartment complex he works at. That night he was off duty at the police department, but was on call as a security guard.

The officer reportedly received a call about a person sleeping in a stairwell of the apartment complex so he went to investigate.

Officials say he was dressed in plain clothes but took his police radio, a pair of handcuffs, and his firearm.

The officer did not find a person in the stairwell. Documents say as he was walking back to his apartment he was approached by two teens.

One of the teens pointed a gun at the officer and said “Gimme what you got”. His fingers then moved from the slide toward the trigger, documents say. It was at that time that the officer pulled out his weapon and fired at the teen.

As he fired, the teen suspect fired back, official document say. The officer was hit in the foot.

The two suspect fled the area, but were later caught at the hospital where they went to be treated for gunshot wounds.

District Attorney Sim Gill said the officer had reason to fear for his life and therefore his use of deadly force was necessary and justified.

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