October moisture marks strong start to water year

Local News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – The official water year started Oct. 1, and since then Utah has experienced more precipitation than it received in the last five months.

“It’s been an answer to prayer,” said farmer Ryan Schmidt.

“I think last night alone we had almost an inch alone in our area, which is huge,” added Schmidt.

“Going something like four months without a storm was pretty — pretty hard,” he said.

We asked meteorologist Dan Pope about what Utah still needs to fill its reservoirs for next year and beat the drought.

“We need double storms that were as big as the first 10 days of October, five more times,” said Pope.

“In other words, we need a lot of precipitation or we are gonna be in trouble.”

Pope says he has looked at previous Octobers when Utah received heavy rain — in the hopes of figuring out whether a wet October can tell us something about the winter ahead.

He says the results are inconclusive.

In some cases, wet Octobers lead to winters with excessive snow; in other cases, he says, they did not.

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