Nurse-in-training hoping to help patients, sharing experience after contracting COVID-19

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OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – A nurse in training at Ogden Regional Medical Center is still struggling from side effects from COVID-19, after testing positive in June. She’s asking people to take the virus seriously, after seeing how it affected her and her uncle, who lost the battle to the virus and passed away.

Fabiola Gorritti and her boyfriend got COVID-19 and recovered, but her uncle Willy wasn’t so lucky and passed away due to the virus. Now she’s using him as a driving force to help others in the hospital.

“Not only is the coronavirus a reminder of how I was able to beat it and survive it, but it reminds me of my uncle too,” said Fabiola.

Fabiola is a behavioral health technician at Ogden Regional Medical Center. She helps people get clean from substance abuse.

“It feels like I’m watching somebody grow from a small little seed, into a beautiful flower, because they’re getting through that detox and coming up with a plan and they’re not even letting coronavirus get in their way,” she added.

She says work after COVID-19, during a pandemic is challenging and some days she’s left with hardly any energy.

“It was very, very hard on me emotionally, because I thought that I was doing everything right, that I was sanitizing enough, washing my hands enough,” said Fabiola.

She was supposed to go to nursing school this year but is taking a year off to gain back her strength. She wants people to understand what first-responders are going through, and how they’re staying strong for their patients.

“These are very true stories, these things are happening every single day behind closed doors,” she added.

With her uncle Willy in mind, she plans on being a nurse and sharing her story to get her patients through anything.

“I feel like the coronavirus and my experience, and what happened to my uncle is my number one motivation the people that took care of my uncle, nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, you name It, those people had a drive to get to where they are,” she said.

Asking people to be empathetic, respectful, and to continue to follow CDC recommended guidelines and to get the vaccine once it’s in Utah, if they’re able to.

“It triggers those  memories, it triggers the memory of my uncle and it almost feels like my uncle and everybody who is suffering, is suffering in vain because there are people who just don’t care,” said Fabiola.

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