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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) Changes are coming in the way you pay for wine, beer or spirits at Utah liquor stores.

After September 30th personal checks will no long be accepted. After that you will have to use cash, credit or debit cards.

It’s just a sign of the changing times according to Terry Wood, spokesperson for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

“Personal checks aren’t used that much anymore,” says Wood. “We are evolving away from them.”

And the numbers show why. In fiscal year 2017 the DABC did more than $420 million in sales. Of that amount they processed only 9,505 checks for just over $500,000 in sales. That’s only .08% of their total business.

Some stores rarely see a personal check. For an entire year at the two Park City outlets, they cashed only 8 personal checks.

That may not sit well with customers like Joel Hancock who was in the Wine Store Tuesday stocking up on champagne to celebrate he and his wife’s 50th anniversary.

“I remember when I didn’t like to use credit cards, so it is kind of sad.” But he says with a smile on his face “one has to roll with the punches.”

He adds “from my point of view I think it’s sad. I’m sure from their point of view it is much easier to handle.”

Amen to that say employees at the liquor stores who deal with long lines during the holidays.

Nick Beres works at the Wine Store on 300 West. “I think it’s good. It’s areally time consuming, the process that we have to go through to verify that the checks are good.”

The DABC’s Terry Wood knows he will be taking some complaints from customers when the change occurs. How will he deal with them?

“I’d advise them just to get a debit card. If they have a checking account they can get a debit card. It’s accepted at so many more places.”

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