SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A new bill was passed through the Utah Legislature last week that will now allow Utahns to have darker car window tints.

S.B. 149 will allow the change in tint to go from 43% to 35% with a 5% buffer. This change is only applicable to the front two windows.

The tint percentage represents the amount of light allowed into a car.

Allowing less light into a car reduces the amount of cooling or air conditioning that’s needed to make the car cabin comfortable, which helps the environment.

The bill, which was sponsored by Sen. Dan McCay, R-District 11, passed 20-6 in the Senate and 68-3 in the House and was officially approved on March. 4.

According to the Utah Tint Association, prior to the passage of this bill, Utah’s previous 43% tint law was among the highest in the West.

Nevada has their set at 35%, Colorado’s is 27%, Idaho is at 35%, and Arizona’s tint law is 33%.