SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The goal is to keep police in the ballpark neighborhood to quickly respond to crime. 

“We got officer who need to charge their laptops from their vehicles, pump up a bike tire, take their lunchbreak and right now they’ve been going to the public safety building taking them out of this neighborhood we want to be able to concentrate our resources here,” Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said. 

But some ballpark community members said leaders aren’t making any steps to actually decrease crime. 

“There is no real plan here and with no plan this is just going to continue to get worse,” business owner Robert Danielson said. 

One business owner sharing footage of what he sees outside his building, from drugs to assault to stealing a police car, neighbors said they see everything. 

“Folks shooting up on the sidewalk in the middle of the day,” member of ballpark community council Amy Hawkins said. 

“Multiple times where knives have been pulled on myself and people I work with,” Danielson said. 

“The fighting is constant in the middle of the street the fires are constant I’ve had my windows broken I’ve had two vehicles slam into my building,” local business owner Michelle Goldberg said. 

Goldberg said she’s lost 10s of thousands of dollars from her business being broken into and destroyed. 

Just this weekend she says someone broke onto her and threw her things over the fence. 

“They had to cut threw my fence to get the guy out of there,” Goldberg said. 

Despite public data showing crime in salt lake city is decreasing, data also shows in the ballpark area crime is increasing. 

“In ballpark our homicide rate was nine times that of Salt Lake City, so this neighborhood is really different,” Hawkins said. 

The chief of police said they want to work with the community to decrease and prevent crime.  

“We as a police department have to go beyond merely responding to crime we have to wholistically develop ways to prevent future crimes and help resolve problems that our communities face,” Chief of Salt Lake Police Mike Brown said. 

But community members said even with good policing, if criminals are let out of jail and keep committing crime, nothing will change. 

“We want families to be able to come back and live in our neighborhood and have it be safe enough for kids to walk outside,” Hawkins said. 

This substation will be used primarily by the liberty bike squad. 

Mayor Mendenhall said they plan on announcing more substations throughout Salt Lake City throughout the coming months.