New Salt Lake City pop-up light art gallery provides an immersive experience

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – A new pop-up light experience is now available at the Gateway Mall for the next three weeks.

With 14 different rooms, Photonic House features exhibits, displays, and artwork that all incorporate lights in some way.

“They’re meant to be immersive and to be very unique. Light art is very hard to capture in terms of photography or videography so some of the pieces force you to just appreciate and be present in the moment, which I think we take for granted nowadays. It helps us slow down,” said Jerry Hansana, founder and CEO of Photonic House.

Hansana said he and his team have been working on the art gallery for the last six to seven months.

“I first thought of the idea when I was in San Francisco, where I was looking at these lasers,” said Hansana. “After I came back to Salt Lake, I read an article about pop-up exhibitions and thought, ‘I love lasers. I love lights. I love art. Let’s do this.'”

A few of Hansana’s favorites are the ‘Orbital,’ an LED light curtain and ‘the Sun,’ a 3D light map. But over time, he said the displays will change and evolve. Special events will be held for additional immersive experiences such as yoga and live music sessions.

“I view it as a blank canvas. In some ways, it’s a dynamic, evolving organism. It’s an exhibit where every week, we have new artists come in with new installations or tweaking what we already have,” said Hansana. “We want to keep creating something that grows, something that’s better from what we’ve learned from the past.”

He said the target audience for Photonic House are millenials and anyone looking for an immersive, thought-provoking experience.

“I think that ours is a little bit more mindful in terms of making you think and question existence or your perspective on art more so than just going and taking a photo, which we do have some of those stage sets as well,” said Hansana. “But it’s a little bit more about the artist, their background, why they do what they do, and how they got there to help you on your journey through life and to understand yourself.”

Photonic House will be at the Gateway Mall until October 20th. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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