SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) –   An iconic landmark in the Salt Lake City skyline made its way back after some much-needed repairs.

  Crews raised the new Rio Grande sign and placed it on top of “The Depot” early Friday afternoon.

That has been home to some form of the Rio Grande sign since 1940.

The most recent version of the sign was in disrepair and has now been replaced along with added support to make it more accessible for maintenance issues.

“We wanted to make sure we preserved the essence of what the old sign was to the city which is sort of an iconic. It’s on the western side of downtown, it sort of shines over downtown,” said Josh Loftin with the Department of Heritage and Arts.

The main goal for the new double-sided sign is to welcome people traveling to Salt Lake City bridge the gap between downtown and the west side of the city.