WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – There’s a new recovery center in Weber County. Weber Recovery Center in Ogden had its open house Thursday. Staff member, Lorin Gunderson met with ABC4’s Jordan Verdadeiro on how he believes this recovery center will bridge a gap between addiction and incarceration in Weber County.

Weber Recovery Center located at 2740 Pennsylvania Ave is open to men and women and the staff says they want to focus on mental health therapy, physical fitness, and outdoor activities for long-lasting recovery.

“There’s not really much of an inpatient rehab set up in the Ogden area,” said Gunderson.

Meet Lorin Gunderson, an Ogden native. He said he used to do drugs and was involved with gangs.

Gunderson said the current laws in place aren’t helping the drug problem in Weber County.

“They don’t even have a VOA out here for people to detox on. So like, if somebody is doing too much and they want to change their life but they have no family to take them in to detox, or their family doesn’t want to, they’re just stuck on the streets here,” said Gunderson.

He said Weber Recovery Center is going to change that.

“There’s not much, not many centers nearby and there is a lot of drug use,” said Executive Director, Daniel Mata.

The center, which used to be a church, will host up to 43 people according to Mata.

“We’re doing outreach everywhere, we’re not only just trying to target an area, we’re doing Ogden, even Salt Lake, and other areas,” said Mata.

Mata said Weber Recovery is different from other centers because of its 4 acres of land, large spaces for group therapy and focus on different activities.

“I’ve lost a lot of friends from it (drugs) here in Weber County, and I just want to make sure every addict out there knows that there’s hope and this place is here to help and we’re here to make some changes in Ogden and give people hope again,” said Gunderson.

The executive director of Weber County Recovery said he plans to open doors in the next couple of weeks.