UTAH (ABC4) – Winter is here and we all know just how cold it can get throughout the Wasatch Front. Sleeping in a warm bed is not just a luxury but a necessity for survival during these times.

Luckily, one homeless center was able to open up their overflow area and give those that need them a place to stay safe.

St. Vincent de Paul dining hall and the Weigand Homeless Center have added 35 new overnight beds starting this week for elderly people that are experiencing homelessness during these cold winter months.

“So [Monday] night the Weigand center opened for our overflow with the VOA and they’re able to provide 35 beds for people to get out off of the street and out of the cold”, says Alisha Peart, Operations Manager for the Weigand Center.

With hypothermia being a major risk for the homeless, these beds are vital during this time.

“It’s really critical to be able to provide a space for them to come where it’s warm and they cannot sleep out in the weather, because we have a lot of older folks that come here and they’re really vulnerable to the cold and the temperature outside”, says Peart.

Giving some of the most vulnerable people a safe place during the winter.

While the center is short on staff they still are prepared to keep the beds open for now to help ensure that the people that need them most have that option. If you would like to help you can donate through the following links:

In-kind donations

Monetary donations