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New movies available to own today

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Two new movies are available now available to own, including one of the biggest movies of the year, A Star is Born! Film critic Tony Toscano joined us on Good Morning Utah with the reviews.

A Star is Born
This is the 4th version of “A Star is Born,” the previous incarnations were in 1937, 1954 and 1976. 

This time Bradley Cooper directs and stars alongside Lady Gaga in the story of an aging and alcoholic musician who falls in love with a young up and coming singer.

Both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga turn in terrific performances, with Lady Gaga offering up a beautifully sensitive and understated performance as “Ally,” the young ingenue rising up from innocence to jaded pop star.
Bradley Cooper as ‘Jackson Maine,’ the burnt out rock star, takes us on the opposite journey as he descends into the dark abyss of self-loathing and booze.

“A Star is Born” offers up a terrific soundtrack and score well worth the DVD price.
But with all that going for it, the film had its problems. It was too heavy-handed in its approach, too quick to have the main characters fall in love and really needed an ending that wasn’t so manipulative.
For its musical performances, “A Star is Born” gets a B and is rated R.

Robin Hood

In this retelling of the famous English legend, Robin of Loxley goes from Old English playboy to a battle-hardened sniper during the Crusades. Upon seeing the grimness of war, he is changed.

There is a difference in retelling and reinventing. This “Robin Hood” reinvents the legend but without justifying the changes to the story. Most likely a group of producers sat around a table and started by saying “wouldn’t it be cool…”

Wouldn’t it be cool if Robin Hood was a rich spoiled brat who got drafted to fight in the Crusades?
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a rifle that could shoot 30 rounds of arrows a second?

Wouldn’t it be cool if Robin teamed up with another war-weary soldier, who was once his enemy?

Wouldn’t it be cool if Maid Marian was an outspoken voice against social injustice?

Someone needed to say “No. It wouldn’t be.” 
What “Robin Hood” is a miserable mixture of strung together scenes looking for social relevance, scenes of battle with bows and arrows are shot as if we’re watching a Gulf War movie, scenes with the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn) are melodramatic and overacted. And scenes with Marian insulting the Sheriff to his face and going unpunished. Especially when it is established he can end someone’s life with a finger snap.

Because of those terrible decisions, “Robin Hood” is a ridiculous film so poorly written it is unintentionally funny.

It gets a D and is rated PG-13.

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