WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4) – After the latest section of Mountain View Corridor opened two weeks ago and at the intersection of 3500 S. and Mountain View, officials have responded to three crashes on back-to-back days.  

The three crashes all appear to involve a driver not stopping at the red light, according to officials.

“It’s troubling, it’s a big concern. Anytime you see a number of crashes happening in one concentrated area, and that’s something we want to take a look at,” said John Gleason, a spokesperson for the Utah Department of Transportation.

Prior to the opening of 4100 S. and Mountain View (which connects to S.R. 201), officials struggled to fully understand why people run red lights on the corridor.

In a recent report by ABC4 News, UDOT data showed red light crashes on Mountain View are double the number of crashes on a similar style intersection, Bangerter Highway – a road that sees nearly double the amount of traffic than the corridor.

“It’s just not worth trying to get through and get the extra seconds by beating these red lights,” Gleason said.

Now, 4100 S. to S.R. 201 is beginning to see red light violations.

“Over the course of three or four days, we have three crashes and then other reports of people running the red light, that haven’t resulted in a crash,” Gleason said.

The north/south ribbon of highway, Gleason said it’s built to all national roadway safety standards.

Safety measures include improved signal time, more visible road signs, advanced warning signals, and programmable signal heads, limiting visibility to specific areas.

“There really shouldn’t be any issue in understanding when you’re coming up to a red light,” Gleason said.

But as red-light crashes continue to happen, Gleason said UDOT teams are doing what they can to keep people safe.   

“It’s something we want to take a close look at, to see if it’s just solely driving behavior, if it’s poor decisions behind the wheel, or if there’s anything we can do on our end to make sure this is as safe as possible,” he said.

Because of the crashes, West Valley City police told ABC4 News they are out doing red light enforcement at the intersection of 3500 S. and Mountain View Corridor.

From Porter Rockwell Road to 4100 S., UDOT data shows intersections on Mountain View Corridor have seen 92 crashes and three fatalities this year.