New ‘Hive’ installation comes to National Building Museum

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WASHINGTON (ABC4 Utah) – Each summer The National Building Museum in Washington, DC creates an architectural extravaganza inside its Great Hall. “The Hive” is this summer’s installation. 
“I came in here I had no idea it was going to be this cool. It’s the coolest building I’ve ever seen,” Kaitlyn Larkin said.  
The installation took just under a month to build, and the structure is made up solely of 2,700 paper tubes—they are recyclable, lightweight and renewable.
The tallest hive is 60 feet tall and features an oculus that is ten feet in diameter. 
“It’s very much like a dome, so as you build up each circle supports itself. Then you can put the next circle on top of it. That’s how we did it!” Vice President of Exhibitions and Collections, Kathy Frankel, said. 
Kids can run in and out of the hives, and tinker around on the various musical ‘instruments’. Drum-like tubes and chimes were inside the hive for visitors to play music. 
“It’s innovative! It’s amusing. You can make sound yourself with various objects that echo,” visitor Len Adler, said. 
He also appreciated the way the light travels through the hive. It filters through the holes in the structure and changes throughout the day. 
For any Utahns planning to make a trip to Washington, D.C., the installation will be around until September 4.

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