UTAH (ABC4) – New firework restrictions are in place in Salt Lake County. 

“Those firework sparks can jump in and start a fire quite easily in the right vegetation,” Salt Lake City Fire Department Division Chief Dan Walker Said.  

Firefighters said rain brings tall, green vegetation, which will soon become a problem. 

“All that grass grows and then it dries out, so that’s when we really become concerned,” Walker said. 

The restrictions stretch across areas of Salt Lake County, including the Jordan River. 

Firefighters worry these areas are especially at risk of burning homes.

They say dry vegetation in rain gutters, shrubbery near homes, and foothills easily catches fire. 

“They spread so fast, really, really fast by the time we get the call there’s usually at least sometimes an acre of that dry cheat grass that has extended the fire more,” Walker said. 

Thankfully for campers in central and northern Utah, officials say recent wet weather means fire restrictions probably won’t start until July or August. 

“We dry out really quick in the south and then it pushes along through the central and northern part of the state later on,” Kayli Yardley, prevention and communications coordinator for the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands said. 

But in Salt Lake County, homes are still in danger as more people set off fireworks leading up to the fourth of July. 

“It puts our firefighters at risk, it puts people’s property at risk, their homes at risk, and even, even individuals of getting burned because of how fast some of those fires move,” Smith said. 

This month and into July, firefighters are going door to door to answer questions about fire dangers and firework restrictions.