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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) — Huntsman Cancer Institute is now offering clinical trials in two additional locations, making it more convenient for patients to be a part of cutting edge and potentially life saving therapies.
Huntsman Cancer Institute has 400 clinical trials going on and with two locations in Farmington and South Jordan, that will give patients even more access.
Megan Curran has stage 3 breast cancer. She decided to participate in a chemotherapy clinical trial.
“If my lifespan could be extended, I have to do everything I can. I have a 5-year-old girl. I have to there for her and be that mom my child needs,” said Curran. 
With Huntsman’s new location in South Jordan, it made it easier for Megan to be a part of the study.
“It was a 25 minute drive from Lehi. It was perfect and convenient,” said Curran. 
“What we want to do is bring access to cutting edge therapies to all patients throughout the state,” said Theresa Werner, Medical Director of Clinical Trials at Huntsman Clinical Institute. 
The Farmington and South Jordan facilities can sometimes cut the travel time in half which can make a huge difference for patients who can participate in clinical trials that could help them and save lives in the future.
“Some times the treatments are weekly. Patients are 3 hours away and they can’t do it time wise, energy wise and financial wise,” said Werner. 
Megan just finished her last treatment, this month, in the clinical trial.
“It’s a word that I hold on to and continue to hold on to is hope. It’s something that Huntsman has given me by being a part of a clinical trial, I have this extra layer of hope. 
For more information on the clinical trials click here.

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