New book explores the life of an antiquities collector

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SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- Brent Ashworth has spent his whole life collecting documents and artifacts from American, LDS, and World History. His book, Show & Tell: A Unique Journey Through History From the Life of Brent Ashworth, gives readers a glimpse at his collection in full-color.

Ashworth says his collection contains over a million items gathered over sixty years.

His collection includes a variety of history from letters from the Founding Fathers Joseph Smith to Emma Smith’s Family Bible.

There is also an entire section of the book devoted to his 1980s involvement and victimization by the notorious forger and murderer Mark Hofmann, as well as his law school brush with Ted Bundy and his work on several murder cases as a prosecutor and later as a top business lawyer for several corporations.

Ashworth and the author of the book, Traci Fieldsted, will be at a book signing from 6 to 8 p.m. at Eborn Books in downtown Salt Lake City located at 254 South Main Street.

“Show & Tell:  A Unique Journey Through History From the Life of Brent Ashworth” is available on Amazon and Eborn Books.

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