SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Dating apps and websites may change for the better according to one Utah lawmaker.

Utah State Rep. Angela Romero has introduced a bill that would require these apps and websites to have safety warnings and let the user know if a criminal background check has been passed. 

She said with how bills are prioritized in the legislature she doesn’t think H.B. 352 will be voted on.

She added she wants this bill to pass to provide more protection for people using dating apps or websites. 

There are countless options for online dating websites and apps.

“It’d be great to weed out all the weirdos and keep yourself safe online because that’s a big concern,” said Chavo Vain.

Safety is almost always complained about by people who use these apps or sites. 

“I think it’s just important to get this on the books because we have seen a lot of cases here in Utah where individuals have been murdered or swindled out of money,” said Rep. Romero.

Rep. Romero is the chief sponsor of H.B. 352.

It says If a dating site or app performs background checks it must let Utah users know before they connect with somebody on the site. 

Utahns would get a similar warning if the site does not conduct checks.

It would also require sites to provide a number of warnings about using the app safely.

“I feel like it’s honestly a good thing because they were being upfront and honest with you at the get-go, so you know about their past they are going to be more honest with you cause they aren’t trying to hide something about themselves,” said Joey Young.

Some Utahns support the idea like Young who said he’d like to have the added safety feature.

Chavo Vain said if people were just upfront about their lives these safety features wouldn’t be necessary. 

“Just be as honest and genuine as you can and create a genuine conversation, a connection before you meet up with these people,” said Vain.

Romero said there is some precedent with H.B. 352 since some states already have something like this on the books and it’s also a state law that pornography must come with a warning label.

Romero said she has the support of the Salt Lake District Attorney’s office but adds the bill might have been introduced too late in the session. 

“The goal is for all of them to have these safety tips just as a reminder to individuals when they are using the apps or using online methods that they think about these beforehand,” said Rep. Romero.

If H.B. 352 does not get heard this session, Romero said she will introduce it again next year and the years after if she needs to.