SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — UTA is now offering mobile ticketing and much more through its newest official app called Transit.

Customers can now access the UTA system with a single easy-to-use app, which gives the ability for trip planning, real-time tracking, multimodal connections, and fare payment.

The Transit app allows UTA riders to purchase tickets using the “Buy ticket” button at the bottom of their screen. Once a Transit account is created, riders can also enter credit card information and store activated tickets to show on their phone to an operator or fare inspector.

Riders will only need to enter their payment information once to plan trips and purchase fares across multiple modes and services, both along the Wasatch Front and in other cities across the United States.

“UTA is very excited about the new mobile ticketing feature now available in the Transit app,” said Jerry Van Wie, UTA’s Fare Systems Program Manager. “The Transit app is used nationwide and integrates with many different fare systems in the industry. The app provides a one-stop shop, allowing our customers, many of whom are already using the Transit app, to use mobile ticketing to plan their trips and then pay their fare… all on the same app.”

Transit is a service based in Montréal, QC, that’s designed to solve the urban commute in over 300 cities worldwide. This simple service will also integrate the existing UTA On Demand app.

“For years, UTA passengers have relied on Transit to find their next trip and track their ride in real-time,” said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit. “Since becoming UTA’s official app, we’ve added UTA On Demand into our platform as well. Now, providing the ability to buy transit fares is another big step towards giving riders everything they need in one app.”

UTA buses have helped residents across the Wasatch Front with their commutes for over 50 years. Riders of UTA can learn more and download the new app by visiting or