New ancient Egypt exhibit to open at Natural History Museum of Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Ancient Egypt is visiting Utah as the Natural History Museum is hosting this new exhibit. The exhibit will open to the general public this week on Thursday, May 20.

The Egypt: The Time of The Pharaohs exhibit will take museum goers through early Egyptian times showing them artifacts, architecture, and even lifestyles.

“Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs is an amazing immersive exhibit talking about the time of Ancient Egypt from about 5,000 years ago up until about 3,000 years ago or so,” says Jason Cryan, executive director of the museum.

The exhibit spans the time of the early kingdoms, where the great pyramids were built, to the Ptolemaic era, where the famous Queen Cleopatra was the last ruler.

A fun fact about Queen Cleopatra is that she lived closer in time to when the first McDonald’s was established than to the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

There is no short supply of objects to view as Cryan tells us, “This exhibit has more than 300 authentic objects from the time period including three sarcophagi, a coffin and two sarcophagi, that indicate how much emphasis was placed on the afterlife”.

While many things may have changed over the last couple of thousand years, some everyday routines have not. Ancient Egyptians also stayed up to date in a similar fashion to what we call “the news” today.

“So, don’t forget that the Pharaohs were considered god-kings. So they were rulers of men, but they were also direct link to the afterworld and to the deities and so everything they said was absolutely true. And so they would pass down information about meteorological events, about culture, about the academic information, and their word was gold,” says Cryan.

If you would like to learn more about ancient Egypt or just look at the artifacts, you can purchase tickets here. Tickets for admission are only available online and must be purchased in advance.

You can also view their health and safety precautions here.

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