SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — New allegations have come to light in a recent legal filing against Tim Ballard regarding accusations of sexual misconduct. An amended complaint claims he reportedly had a closer relationship with Attorney General Sean Reyes and the LDS Church than was previously believed.

Last month, Tim Ballard — former CEO and founder of the anti-sex-trafficking nonprofit Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) — was involved in a lawsuit issued by the attorneys of five women who allege he manipulated and sexually assaulted them while under the guise of fighting human trafficking. A second lawsuit was filed days later representing a married couple with similar complaints.

The amended complaint was filed by attorney Suzette Rasmussen and her colleagues who allegedly claimed Reyes worked with O.U.R. to preempt fraud accusations against Ballard and intimidate those who filed them.

In addition, the filing also reportedly claims that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided O.U.R. with tithing records in order to assist the non-profit in targeting wealthy donors of the LDS faith.

The Church denies these allegations saying the accused church leader “President [M. Russell] Ballard has never released tithing records to OUR or any other organization.” The Church also said it “regards tithing records as sacred and keeps them confidential. Leaders ensure such information is not used for personal, political, or commercial purposes.”

Included in new exhibits and facts were allegations that Glenn Beck, acting as a friend and business partner, had reached out to high-ranking members of the LDS Church, Attorney General Reyes, and Senator Mike Lee seeking advice and direction following the media reports that the Church had denounced any connection to, or support for Tim Ballard and his practices calling them “morally unacceptable.”

The amendment also brought to light a letter from attorney Brent A. Andrewsen, representing O.U.R., to the Attorney General’s Office seeking retribution and investigation of Davis County District Attorney Troy Rawlings and his investigation into Tim Ballard and O.U.R. amid previous complaints made in 2020.

The Attorney General’s Office released the following statement on the matter:

AG Reyes categorically denies that he ever intimidated any witness or attempted in any way to interfere or keep witnesses from testifying or cooperating with an investigation by the Davis County Attorney or any other agency.

These allegations in paragraph 55 are false, defamatory per se and unethical as they are based on pure speculation and have no basis in fact.

The Davis County Attorney, himself, validated that there was no evidence to substantiate the allegation that the AG tampered with, harassed or intimidated any witnesses.

As to the remaining allegation in paragraph 55, the AGO would never open a case that the Davis County DA and FBI were already investigating over a two year span.

Since the time the FBI and Davis County Attorney closed their investigations with no charges being filed, no complainant has come forward to the AGO seeking a further criminal investigation, not even the civil complainants in this case.

So, any suggestion in paragraph 55 that the AG or AGO were or are withholding an investigation into OUR or Tim Ballard is completely baseless.

ABC4 has reached out to Senator Mike Lee’s office and the LDS Church for comments. At the time of publication, they have not responded to the inquiry.

This is a developing story. Information is expected to change as more details become available. expects to update the story below.