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NEPHI, Utah (ABC4) – The Nephi City Police Department is warning the public after receiving multiple reports of a scam.

According to a post on the department’s Facebook page, police have received multiple reports of calls being made to residents saying that their power will be shut off if their bills are not paid immediately.

Nephi police said the calls are reportedly being made from the phone number 801-375-2480.

In the post, Nephi police assured Utahns that “Nephi City is NOT making shut-off calls today, and they have a strict policy on the procedures that come before.”

Police explained that several notices will be given through mail or through other methods before shutting a person’s power off.

“Please be advised and notify neighbors especially older citizens that live in our area that this is a scam,” Nephi police said in a Facebook post.

The Nephi City Police Department said any questions regarding electric bills can be directed to the Nephi City office by calling (435)-635-0822.

Unfortunately, this is not the only scam that has been reported in Utah recently.

The Kaysville Police Department said they received reports of two new email scams.

The first scam involved a woman who received an email from a friend asking for money for a birthday party.

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The woman told police that after she contacted her friend about the email, she realized that the email account had been hacked.

The second scam involved a Kaysville employee receiving an email from someone claiming to be a Kaysville Police Officer. The scammer then requested gift cards on behalf of the department.

Police advise that if you receive an email requesting money, “do not respond.”

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