PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4) – Neighbors in the area are shaken up after 21-year-old Gage Dinehart allegedly shot his mother Nicole Dinehart after an argument, saying this is nothing you’d ever expect on their street. 

One person who knows Gage said she never could’ve imagined him doing this. 

“This shocks law enforcement, it it shocks the family it shocks the family; this is just shocking,” Cpt. Britt Smith of Pleasant Grove Police Department said. 

Shantel Jones said she knows Gage because her kids grew up being friends with him. 

For her, the crime is heartbreaking. 

“I mean killing somebody is a big thing, especially family so it’s just hard to believe it,” Jones said. 

She said he’s a quiet, respectful person who grew up always on the run, in and out of homes, but never suspected he could do anything like this. 

“He’s just had a troubled life like a lot of other people and I just never thought that this would happen,” Jones said.  

Pleasant Grove Police said they know Gage, saying he grew up running into problems with the police since he a kid, but never expected him to do something like this. 

“It is unusual that it’s a son killing his own mother that, that doesn’t happen,” Smith said. 

Neighbors in the area say they stayed up all night. They told ABC4 they’re too spooked and scared of retaliation to speak on camera, and said they heard the mother and son fighting, the gunshots, and saw Nicole dead in the street. 

One neighbor, Paul Asay said his wife heard the gunshot before going to bed. 

“Five minutes later every cop in town was over here,” Asay said. 

He says things like this don’t happen in Pleasant Grove. 

“The big city yeah, but not here,” Asay said.  

Smith said he hopes Gage is held without bail for the safety of the community. He says if Gage is convicted of this crime, he could face life in prison.