UTAH (ABC4) – As days near warmer weather, it means time to discover new hobbies and pastimes.

Utah is an amazing state that offers various locations for mountain biking, so why not give it a shot and try it out?

Biking tops all other outdoor activities as it allows you to cover more distance and see more sights over diverse terrain. And if you think about it, with the right bike, you can glide over rolling hills or conquer a rocky coastline, all while enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

Not only will biking take you to beautiful landscapes, but it also pushes your workout routine to a whole new level through the use of gear variety, bike structure, and riding terrain.

And if that isn’t persuasive enough, here are five Utah mountain biking places you have to check out, all according to visit Salt Lake.


Perfect for beginners and those in training, Bob’s Basin is located in the Park City area.

“The blue and green rated trail network in Bob’s Basin offers perfectly beveled berms and a series of loops that can be easily linked together so riders can tailor a ride to their ability level and time constraints,” they share.


The Quarry Trail begins near the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

“Note that this trail requires steady but gentle climbing, so if you’re not accustomed to the elevation, a flatter trail may be a better choice.,” they add.

The Quarry Trail is notable for its nice shaded sections and brings a cool breeze to riders passing its riverbed.


The easiest way to access this trail is near the Natural History Museum of Utah.

The Bonneville Shoreline trail is perfect for a quick ride before or after work, or to even hit during a lunch break!

“Newbies can hop on sections of this trail and feel confident as they traverse the ancient shoreline of the freshwater lake that once covered much of Utah,” Visit Salt Lake shares.


“For panoramic views of Park City, consider the Glenwild Loop, which is a lollipop style trail covering about 8.5 miles and conveniently located off the I-80 Junction to Park City,” they share.


Located north of Salt Lake, near Bountiful you will find a local favorite: Mueller Park.

This trail is 13-miles long and filled with beautiful views. This out-and-back trail features moderate climbing with a more technical second half once you hit Elephant Rock near mile seven.

“The trail winds through conifers and gamble oaks, climbing drainages and small canyons before finishing up at Rudy’s Flat,” the team shares.

However you may decide to take on this hobby, remember to stay hydrated and to be well prepared for whatever may come at you.