Murray moves forward with new city hall

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MURRAY CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Murray City officials are looking at building a new city hall in its historic district just off 4800 South. How they fund it seems to be an issue with some residents who want a general bond.

For a decade, Murray officials talked about getting a new city hall.

Brent Barnett a Murray Resident agrees, “I think we need a new city hall.”

Inside the current city hall, departments share cubicles, police have a lack of storage, and if an earthquake happens the building would crumble.

Doug Hill the Murray City Chief Administrative Officer said, “The mayor’s office, the city council, the employees are always open to meeting with citizens and hearing their suggestions.”

Murray City is looking to take out a $37-million dollar Lease Revenue Bond and pay for it through the general fund. 

If the city waits to pay off the 31-year bond, it will cost taxpayers $72,207,093. 

“We are not increasing the resident’s property taxes,” says Hill. “We don’t need to do a general obligation bond which requires the vote of the citizens.”

Some citizens say the city can save money by putting out a general bond on the ballot for Murray residents.

“My understanding is that it could be up to $6 million of less interest. That is a pretty good chunk of change. I’d take that to the bank form myself,” said Barnett.

Hill responded with, “The city’s position is, is that is what we have elected officials for, is to have them make those kinds of decisions. So we are not putting it to the vote of the people.”

Design of new Murray City Hall

Once the new fire station is built on 4800 and Box Elder Street. The new city hall will go up a block away from there where Fire Station 81 sits near Vine Street. 

City offices will be centralized in the new state of the art building.

“The city will build it with the revenues we have and the citizens will actually get a better service once we have a new city hall,” Hill said.

Murray City officials say they want to get construction started sooner than later because material costs will go up in about three months.


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