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Boil advisory lifted for Mountain Green, Utah. Officials say results show drinking water is clean.



MOUNTAIN GREEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – Results from the first round of water testing show clean water, but that means trespassers vandalized the lock of one of the town’s water tower lids. A boil advisory stands for the next 24 hours.

“We boiled water for their water bottles and went to Sam’s club and stocked up,” Shawn Moore said Tuesday.

While water may be boiling in Morgan County, residents don’t seem to be. Families tell ABC4 News that this a minor inconvenience. Shawn Moore says his family definitely doesn’t want to get sick, but it just takes a few minutes to boil a pot of water.

“We just went and got some bottled water, started boiling last night for the coffee in the morning, and that kind of stuff. Things happen, there’s a lot worse,” said Moore.

The Cottonwood Mutual Water Company stands by the boil advisory until all water samples come back clean. More than 750 people living in Mountain Green are impacted by the advisory, with bottled water available for pick up at the water company office. Cottonwood Mutual Water Company said they’ve handed out about 650 bottles of water since the announcement of possible contamination came out April 1. Maintenance crews performing routine checks noticed the broken lock.

“It is disappointing to see that happen to one of our tanks, it’s unfortunate,” said Doug Dingman, board member of the Cottonwood Mutual Water Company.

Dingman also said current water woes are prompting the water board to reconsider security measures near their watersheds. Most towers have a fence around them, but the tower that had its lock broken is older and may it be in use in the future. As soon as the board heard of the broken lock, they knew they had to notify the public immediately. This incident comes on the heels of water trouble in Sandy City in which there was a delay in notification and residents were sickened by contaminated water.

“To be proactive, get in front of that first, knowing how that affect people’s livelihood, people’s lives in general. We take that very seriously, wanting to protect our water sources,” said Dingman. 

Crews took water samples from the water tank and various sinks throughout the town. The first round of testing was negative for any contaminants, but that does not mean the boil advisory is lifted. The water company says the tests closely mimic tests from last month, which is great news for residents. The boil advisory stays in place, though.

“We will do that per state code, and keep that in place another 24 hours until we get our next round of tests back,” said Dingman. 

Bottled water is available for residents at the Cottonwood Mutual Water Company on Old Highway Road.

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