Mother defends teen accused of child abuse homicide

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 SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)-  Isaiah Weaver’s mother can’t believe the charges her son is facing.

The 17-year-old made a brief court appearance after being charged with aggravated murder, child abuse.  Prosecutors charged him as an adult.
“A lot is being said, so I don’t know what to say,” said Charita Weaver after Tuesday’s hearing.
Her son is accused of killing 21-month-old Jaycieion Sanchez earlier this month.
West Valley police responded to a 911 call from the Sanchez apartment. Weaver was the child’s babysitter.  Police found the baby in grave condition and took him to the hospital but died shortly thereafter.
According to charging documents, Weaver’s accused of “throwing the child in the air”  hitting his head several times.
“We don’t know about the injuries,” said Weaver.  “So that’s what the problem is. We figure that out and we can go from there.”
Weaver made a brief appearance in court.  The judge did not allow Weaver to be photographed because he is 17 years old.  The judge continued the hearing until next week with a court appointed attorney.

Despite the allegations, his mother said her son is not capable of doing what he’s accused of.
 “It was just an accident,” said Weaver.  “We’ve got to go from there. He’s a good kid.  He don’t hurt no baby.  
She said Weaver and Gina Sanchez, the toddler’s biological mother, would often come to her house.  She said he never showed any signs of hostility towards the children.
“He’s got too many nieces and nephews that he loves,” she said. “He plays with kids all the time.”
Sanchez was also charged last week with child abuse, a second degree felony.  Prosecutors claimed she was present or knew of the injuries but failed to help the toddler.

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