MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Fire crews tackled an intense vehicle fire in Morgan County on Tuesday afternoon.

Morgan County Fire and EMS first responded to reports of a truck fire along Morgan Valley Drive.

Authorities say the truck driver was able to exit the vehicle before the fire completely consumed the cab.

At one point, authorities say the flames reached over 20 feet in height, damaging nearby dangling powerlines. Officials say the vehicle was deemed a “total loss” after crews finally extinguished the blaze.

The truck was carrying a load of animal feed on the truck bed, which crews were able to salvage despite the fiery damage.

Fire crews say that keeping a fire extinguisher inside your vehicle could prevent a small fire from growing into an unmanageable one.

Officials say in the U.S., an average of 170,000 vehicles catch on fire while on highways which causes around 350 deaths every year. 

“Most of these fires happen due to mechanical failures: the ignition starts from the insulation around electrical wires or in the engine,” says Morgan County Fire. “Most of these events, however, start small and can be controlled with a fire extinguisher.”

Although there are a variety of extinguishers to choose from, Morgan County fire says, “For the average consumer, a two-pound fire extinguisher is more than enough to fight a small car fire. These are light enough to handle in a hurry and compact enough to fit securely in your car. A five-pound extinguisher can be more suitable for larger vehicles. “