SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The broken record about us breaking records continues to play in Utah. Once again, we’ve bested a daily record, but with it came other records.

We hit 103 in Salt Lake City Saturday, besting the old record for September 3 by a full 5 degrees. But 103 is also now the hottest day ever in Salt Lake City in the month of September, breaking the old record we set earlier this month.

But wait… there’s more! This is now the 5th day in a row where we’ve topped a high temperature set on a given date. The old record that we could find was 4, but I’ve argued that it had to be like 365 days because day one was technically a new record. Okay, I’ve obviously got some heat exhaustion going on here. 

We will likely be seeing the same old story Sunday as we are set for another record breaking day in Salt Lake City as well as some other cities in northern Utah. The northwestern portion of our state (including the Wasatch Front) will remain under a Heat Advisory until Monday night. Who knows what records we can figure out just to break things up? 

Southern Utah has its share of heat as well and might see some records fall. Currently there is an Excessive Heat Warning for lower Washington County (including St. George and Zion National Park) and another one for Lake Powell and stretching up the Colorado River. Temperatures will be up to 110 degrees in those areas so please be careful. 

The good news is that there is some relief on the horizon. By Thursday there is a low pressure system that will be making its way from the northwest and bring with it some cooler temperatures and some chances for showers.

So do what you can to stay cool and safe, you just have to hold on a few more days.