Monthly rent skyrocketing in the Salt Lake area

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UPDATE: Watch the full story here.

Finding affordable rent is difficult;especially in Salt Lake City.

You see new construction all over downtown, but there’s still not enough to meet demand. That’s pushing rent prices up every month.

The average in Salt Lake right now is about $1,100 a month. That means the people who fuel the downtown economy—service workers, clerical workers, etc., are in a real bind.

SLC Housing Director Melissa Jensen said people are doing everything they can to make ends meet.

“They’re working two or three jobs and they’re constantly doing everything they can,” Jensen said.

“They’re not thinking about the larger things, because they know the most important thing is making sure they stay safe. Nobody wants to end up on the street.”

Monday at 10 Randall Carlisle shows you a way to get a nice $1,100 a month rental unit in downtown Salt Lake for around $800 a month. But it takes work.

See the full story on ABC4.

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