Monson’s daughter shares memories of her father

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The family of President Monson lost more than a religious leader Tuesday night. They lost a father and grandfather.

President Monson’s daughter Ann Dibb was by her dad’s side as his companion during church assignments after her mother’s death.

Despite his heavy load of religious assignments, Dibb’s told News4Utah in his healthier years you could find Monson on any given day walking the halls of nursing homes in Salt Lake City.

“It wasn’t until recently I learned what a sacrifice or how much time that actually took with my father, visiting all those widows,” she said. “So it wasn’t just a quick visit that my father would make when he’d visit those widows. No, he did so, and he took time, and he always expressed love to them.”

Dibb reflected on the times when both of her parents were alive. 

“I’d love going to the airport with my mother to pick up my father from his assignment. And again, he would start telling stories as soon as he’d get into the car. I loved being in their family room where he would again recount his experiences with people he met there. They were faith-promoting experiences,” she said.

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Thomas S. Monson was 90 years old.

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