Mixed reactions to proposed booze ban at Pineview Reservoir

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WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) Drinking a cold beer at Pineview and Causey Reservoirs in Weber County could be a thing of the past. 

County Commissioners will vote next week on an ordinance change, outlawing alcohol along the shores in an effort to eliminate a number of problems contributed to booze. 

After a morning kayaking on the water, Teresa Lollar and her friends relaxed shore-side with a cold one Monday.

“It’s kind of like your reward for your hard work,” Lollar said. 

It’s enjoyable in the fact that you get to relax and just chill,” Terry Michels said, visiting from Chicago.

But it could be illegal as soon as next month.

Weber County commissioners are one vote away from enacting a no-booze policy for the shores of Pineview and Causey Reservoirs. The proposal would prohibit alcoholic beverages around the reservoirs, on the beaches, parking and picnic areas. 

Weber County Public Affairs Director Holin Wilbanks says alcohol-related issues have become difficult to manage as more visitors come to the reservoirs.

 A group comprised of reservoir users, property owners, county leaders, US Forest Service representatives and law enforcement officers came up with the recommendation after more than a year of studying the issues. 

“Our law enforcement is seeing a number of incidents that were all alcohol related and think this would be a huge help,” Wilbanks said.

Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Toll said the majority of calls to the reservoirs stem from alcohol use, ranging from drownings, lewdness, fights and deadly DUI crashes. 

Even after the drinkers leave, issues remain.

“Our concern is that a lot of broken glass is left on the beaches and beer bottles and cigarettes and it is a dangerous place, we feel, for our kids to play down there,” said Jenny Harris, lifelong Huntsville resident.

While the kayakers we spoke to understand the reasons behind the proposed ban, they say the irresponsible actions of some shouldn’t ruin it for everyone.

“As far as just hanging out, it should be the same kind of rules as disorderly conduct. If you’re behaving, why govern us,” Lollar said. 

Weber County Commissioners will vote on the proposal next Tuesday. If approved, it will go into effect in June. 

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