Missionary surprises his mom with Christmas homecoming

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SANDY (News4Utah)- It’s been two years, but Elder Jake Roestenburg is finally home from Bulgaria. The missionary with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints decided he wanted to surprise his mom as part of his arrival, so he and his other family members concocted a plan.

Mom was told the elder wouldn’t be home until the week after Christmas but he really arrived Tuesday.

Elder Roestenburg’s dad had wrapped up a big box and told the elder’s mom that it was from Roestenburg for Christmas. She was instructed that the box was to be opened as soon as the alarm inside went off.

That’s where Jocelyn DeHart comes into play. DeHart’s role in the surprise was a camera.

The family had tricked mom into doing an on camera interview about her business, what mom didn’t know was that Roestenburg was already home. In fact, he was hiding inside of the big wrapped box sitting next to her.

“While we were ‘filming the interview’ the alarm went off,” DeHart said. DeHartkept filming as mom opened the present, as instructed.

“Little did she know that her little Jake would be the one in the box,” DeHart said.

The whole moment was captured on camera. 


Elder Roestenburg ||Missionary Homecoming|| from DeHart Films on Vimeo.

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