SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4) – It was a moment that Beth Lujan recalled vividly.

She and her husband got into an argument and Dominic Lujan left. That was in August, 2021. She hasn’t heard from her husband since.

“He left with no shoes on, no id, no keys, no identification,” Beth Lujan said. “He left with just the pants and shirt that he was wearing.”

She filed a missing persons report with South Salt Lake Police shortly after his disappearance. Authorities don’t suspect foul play was involved. Lujan, a 36-year-old man from South Salt Lake, has yet to return home.

“He had been struggling with his mental issues,” said Beth Lujan. “He has (a) borderline personality disorder.”

That’s the concern of his family. He is on medication to control his mood swings. Without it, he can become aggressive and tempermental. His brother spoke with a him a week before he disappeared.

“I don’t know what happened to his brain, but he seemed okay,” said Alex Lujan. “I asked him if he was fine, and I asked if I can come over and talk to him. So, I come over and he said everything’s good and then a week after that is when I got the call that he was missing.”

Alex Lujan said his older brother has done this before and would end up living on the streets. He said one time his brother stayed out for a year. But he always stayed in touch with his family.

“What’s different about this time is that Dominic don’t, he just doesn’t leave without a phone or stay in contact with his family,” said his brother. “He has not contacted nobody or especially his kids.”

Lujan said two images were recently sent from Dominic’s Pokémon Go account. It was sent to his former girlfriend. One of the images was of Murray Park.

“So we all got in the car and drove out to Murray Park and tried to find Dominic, but there was no sign of him,” said Lujan.

His brother suspected Dominic’s account was hacked. Those messages have since stopped.

Meanwhile, they’ve continued to search the homeless shelters in hopes they’ll come across him.

They’ve also placed his disappearance on a missing person’s website and South Salt Lake issued a bulletin after he went missing. Many have offered hope for his return. There have been some possible sightings but those tips didn’t lead anywhere.

On his wife’s apartment door is the same missing person’s poster. His family is waiting for his return.

“I just want him to come home,” said Beth Lujan. “We all miss him. His own kids need him. We all need him and I want him to come home.”

Dominic Lujan is six feet tall and weighed slightly over two hundred pounds. He has dark brown hair and it may be shoulder length, according to his wife. She also said he has a peace sign tattoo on his left arm. She said that when she last saw him, he had gauged ears.

Anyone with information about Lujan is urged to contact South Salt Lake Police.