SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – At least three people have now been questioned by authorities in the Dylan Rounds missing persons case.

All have criminal records. One was indicted on unrelated charges, the other is in custody on an outstanding warrant and the third remains a free man.

Rounds who disappeared in late May is being investigated by authorities including the FBI. It’s being called a missing person/criminal investigation. And a $100,000 reward is being offered for information on his whereabouts.

And nightly, social media web sleuths are hosting podcasts that attract hundreds of callers, some from Dylan’s neighbors. On True Crime with Jess she interviewed Curtis Wadsworth who was friends with Dylan. He considered him a good friend.

“(Dylan’s) a hard-working young kid who had a dream and asked me to be involved in it,” Wadsworth said on the podcast. “(I worked) as a backhoe operator is all.”

Wadsworth lives in the town of Montello, Nevada about 30 miles from Lucin in Box Elder County. Dylan operated his own farm near Lucin. Wadsworth told listeners the 19-year-old would sometimes stay at his mobile trailer. He is angry that people are linking him to his disappearance.

“If you don’t have any faith in me that I know what I know, I am the one that is going to solve this thing,” he said. “I know everything about Dylan. They know absolutely nothing about Dylan’s life.”

But he appeared more interested in clearing his name than being concerned about Dylan’s disappearance. The host asked him if he wanted Dylan found.

“Nah, if nothing else just to rub people’s face in it,” he said. “I am going to get in their face. All of (his accusers).”

In federal court, James Brenner, a felon, was indicted for illegally having guns in his possession.

In their complaint, the FBI claimed he was “squatting in a trailer” on Dylan’s property. On the day Dylan was reported missing, he called a friend saying “he was putting the grain truck into shelter”

On another Youtube channel, a neighbor of Dylan’s claimed he notified the FBI after finding tire tracks that appeared to be Dylan’s. He also said a man who is currently in Custody in Davis County was stopped by authorities after he was seen carrying a rifle while walking on the road. It was two days before Dylan disappeared. And it’s the same man who Dylan met walking along the road and was bloody.

“From things that I’ve seen, I believe (*) did this,” T. Corbin said on the podcast. “I can’t mention things that I’ve seen and I am not going to but I believe (*) did this and it’s going to come out in the wash that (*) did this.”
According to court documents, this man in the Davis County jail is facing extradition to Montana for an outstanding warrant.

On June 8, he waived his right to a extradition hearing. A final review of the extradition is scheduled for July 8 in Davis County.

Meanwhile, the family of Dylan have issued a cease and desist order against James Terry, the private investigator hired by Dylan’s grandparents.

The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Terry:

My office has been retained by the Rounds and Cooley families to send this letter to you and
demand that you immediately cease and desist your continued non-authorized involvement in the Dylan
Rounds case. You have made malicious, unfounded, and incorrect statements and have made verbal
and written attacks on the Rounds and Cooley families. Your continued unauthorized malicious, false
and inflammatory statements are defamatory and subject you to payment of damages to my clients.
Your actions are diverting the focus from finding Dylan Rounds to what appears to be your own personal
vendetta and/or to promote yourself at the expense of the truth. You are interfering with and
undermining the investigation of Dylan Rounds’ disappearance. You are damaging the integrity and
effectiveness of the entire investigation by your unauthorized and misinformed actions both publicly
and privately concerning this investigation.

The family of Dylan Rounds immediately demands you cease and desist with any further actions,
verbal and/or written, pertaining the investigation of Dylan Rounds’ disappearance. Your failure to stop
all further action, verbal and/or written, will result in the filing of legal action against you. The family of
Dylan Rounds do not want to waste their time, resources and energy with any further action against you
in this matter and therefore request your immediate compliance.

Your background and record of services have confirmed your lack of credibility and integrity. This
has further been demonstrated by your actions in this matter since your release from this matter.

Dylan’s mother said the letter was sent to two different emails associated with him but was not delivered because the address was not valid. In response, James Terry told ABC4 that he had not been served. He said he moves around the country and doesn’t have a valid email address.

“If you can’t find me, you can’t serve me,” Terry told ABC4.