TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) – A new police flyer is reminding people that Rick Morris is still missing.

It’s a new approach from police and his family to find Morris. He left his home early one morning last summer and disappeared.

“We’re going to find him,” said his sister, Mariah Morris. “He deserves to be found. He was an amazing brother, a great person.”

Since June, his family and friends have spent countless hours looking for him. The search concentrated on the mountains. Morris liked hiking.

“It’s hard to say we’ve 100% exhausted an area but we have extensively gone as far as we can go at this point,” said Detective Colbey Bentley with Tooele police. “We’ve been as thorough as imagine being.”

But Morris, who is diabetic, was left without his insulin and in extreme danger. His sister said he may never have made it to the mountains.

“We believe he could be in the area and his blood sugar got low after he ate the sandwich,” said Morris. “And he may have found some place to sleep like a shed or an abandoned car.”

Now police are using social media to send out a new flyer to residents in Tooele. Authorities want residents to search their property for any signs of Morris.

The flyer has pictures of items Morris was wearing or may have had with him when he left.

“The flashlight is something he’d usually carry on him,” said his sister. “The shoes were the ones he was last seen wearing: the black on black.”

There are also images of the pants he was wearing. Police included a QR code on the flyer where people can scan and it leads to a document to verify that a search was made on one’s property.

“That’s what we’re asking the public at this point, that if they’ve already searched their yard, maybe search a little more extensively, a shed you may have on your property,” said Bentley. “Something more than just a quick peek outside and look.”

By responding, police will know what areas in Toole have been searched.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, there is a call for volunteers to go door to door reminding them, Rick Morris is still missing.

“I would love that he just left willingly and he is starting a new life somewhere,” said Morris. “But everything is pointing to him being gone and I just want to find him. He deserves to be found.”

Volunteers are asked to meet at 1030 South 900 West in Tooele on Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m. Volunteers will be going door to door with the new flyers. But people can pickup flyers ahead of time and distribute them at assigned areas. Visit “Find Rick Morris” on Facebook for further information.