Utah (ABC4) – If you’re planning to head out of town to celebrate 4th of July, you’re not alone. 

According to AAA 48 million Americans are expected to hit the road or catch a flight this fourth of July, one of the busiest travel weekends in two decades. 

Experts say July 1 is the busiest day for travel and the worst time to be on the road. 

A lot of the people are just trying to get an early start on their trip to try and avoid the traffic. 

But it doesn’t matter where they’re going or how far it’ll take to get there, some sau they’re just happy to get out for the holiday weekend. 

“We love getting together with the family and just reconnecting,” Christeen Christensen said. 

People from Utah are headed to see their favorite spots. 

“I’m just excited to see the views and be out of the city right now,” Reiche Galli said. 

Many are visiting the Beehive State just to see something new. 

“These mountains over here don’t exist where we’re from so this is great,” Texan Christopher Uhl said. 

People are traveling near and far to spend some quality time. 

“We got lots of games, homemade root beer,” Scott Christensen said. 

“We’re gonna do some rafting and then some canoeing,” Galli said. 

“We’re gonna be doing all the hiking and everything around arches national park, so looking forward to that,” Uhl said. 

And drivers left as soon as possible to try and avoid traffic. 

“Knowing how congested the gas stations are right now I’m assuming it’s not gonna be an easy ride,” Galli said. 

“It can be miserable on Friday afternoons,” Christeen said. 

Many are concerned about dangerous drivers on the road.

“There’s gonna be a lot of people making questionable choices during the holiday so we want to be off the road at that time,” Uhl said. 

They’re also stomaching the gas prices. 

“Trying to make the most fuel-efficient route as possible when gas is over $5 a gallon,” Uhl said. 

But at the end of the day, these drivers say it’s worth it to spend the time with the people you love. 

“That’s what this is all about just reconnecting and celebrating the freedoms we have we’re very very lucky,” Christeen said.