Mild winter helping speed up construction

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – While the warm weather and lack of snow this winter has been bad for many Utah industries. It has helped construction crews stay on track. With road maintenance happening earlier in the year there is hope it will prevent damage from coming snow storms.

UDOT Spokesperson Zach Whitney said Friday that while the mild weather doesn’t mean the project will finish ahead of schedule. He notes it does help keep them on schedule.

“A lot of our projects have taken the opportunity to get in there and get as much work done as we can,” said Whitney.

One of the biggest advantages for road crews is their ability to get a jump on filling potholes and chip sealing. Crews usually don’t have the time during the season to focus on maintenance.

“They’re usually out there in the plows,” said Whitney, “and without snow to remove they’re able to focus their efforts on some of the preventative maintenance.”

By chip sealing the roads before Sunday’s big snow storm it may prevent further damage this winter.

Road construction isn’t the only sector seeing a benefit. Major projects like the airport and large housing developments say the warm temperatures have also helped keep them on track as well.

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