MIDWAY, Utah (ABC4) – Due to an unusually, warm winter, the Midway Ice Castles will be closing earlier than expected.

The announcement was made Monday afternoon and a spokesperson told ABC4 that the last day the ice castles will be open will be this Wednesday, Feb. 9.

The Ice Castles in Soldier Hollow began construction the week of December 8, 2021, and officially opened on January 14, 2022.

Ice artisans grew and harvested icicles that eventually become the building blocks of frosted masterpieces. Every day they picked up close to 10,000 individual icicles to create their one-of-a-kind frozen sculptures.

The ice castles were only open for three weeks and sold out every day this year.

In a statement to ABC4, a spokesperson said, “Despite the abbreviated season, we were able to bring joy and a little winter magic to thousands of people in Utah.”

In a typical winter, Ice Castles remain open for about 6-8 weeks in Utah.