WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4) – Three men have been arrested after allegedly staging a kidnapping video for YouTube in West Jordan on Saturday.

West Jordan Police say three men are facing charges of disorderly conduct for the staged incident. Police first received calls from an eyewitness expressing concern for the victim’s well-being after observing what appeared to be a kidnapping.

The caller told police they saw a man being restrained with their hands behind their back while a hood was placed over their head. The victim was then carried away by two other men.

The incident happened near 7000 South between Redwood Road and 2200 West around 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

When police arrived at the scene, the three men explained they were acting out a scene for their YouTube channel.

Officers took the three men into custody on charges of disorderly conduct. Their identities have not been released at this time. No further details on the nature of the YouTube video have been provided.