Medical cannabis advocates drop suit against Church

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Salt Lake City, Utah (ABC4 News) – Medical marijuana advocates who claim the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints influenced lawmakers to replace Proposition 2, dropped their accusations against the Church Friday. 

Instead, the lawsuit will focus on claims the changes to the proposition are unconstitutional.

In November, voters overwhelmingly voted for Proposition 2, a law designated to legalize medical marijuana for people suffering from certain medical conditions.  The advocacy group T.R.U.C.E. or Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education, sued the state back in December claiming it was unconstitutional for lawmakers to replace the law.

The Utah State Attorney General’s Office said the Church did not influence lawmakers to change the proposition, and that Church leaders were expressing their right to free speech.

Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson filed the lawsuit on behalf of T.R.U.C.E. The group claims the changes to the proposition would make it difficult for people with qualifying medical conditions to get access to legalized medical marijuana. 

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