Med student back in Utah after hurricane evacuations

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WEST JORDAN, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Matt and Taylor Mitchell are back in West Jordan after having to evacuate their home in St. Martin due to Hurricane Irma which destroyed large parts of the area. The couple is worried about those left behind now in the path of Hurricane Maria.

Matt moved down with his wife and son to attend medical school at American University fo the Caribbean nine months ago. They initially weren’t concerned about Irma because it was only a category three at first. Once they knew it would make landfall as a category five all of the students and their families took shelter in the school.

The two couldn’t believe just how much damage was done once the storm passed.

“Our green lush island looked like it had been burnt,” said Taylor. “It was so stripped of life and green.”

The family was stuck on the island for four days before getting a notice the U.S. Military would airlift them out of the area. Matt and Taylor said they had to leave a lot of their belongings behind because they were only allowed to take two small bags with them.

“It was just kind of hard realizing all the stuff we left at our house, there is a really good chance we won’t see it again,” said Matt.

Although they had to be airlifted separately Matt, Taylor,a nd their toddler were reunited shortly after leaving.

They stayed in Puerto Rico for a night which they say wasn’t hit as bad as St. Martin. Now their big worry is that Hurricane Maria will cause just as much devastation.

“Puerto Rico is amazing their hospitality they shut down the whole airport to get other Caribbean island evacuees through.”

Matt said his med school will likely transfer him to the UK where classes are expected to start around the end of the month. After leaving their belongings behind family friends have set up a GoFundMe account to help them recover after their loss.

The two say the good news about their local friends back in St. Martin is they are allowed to stay at the school as a shelter while they recover.

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