Mayor: White City Township homes won’t be torn down for development

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WHITE CITY METRO TOWNSHIP, Utah (News4Utah) The mayor of the White City Metro Township is doubling down on a promise.

Mayor Paulina Flint said no houses are in danger of being knocked down for development. 

The announcement comes after a proposed zoning change has several homeowners concerned in the township near Sandy. 

“This definitely came out of left field,” Jake Short said. 

Short’s home sits in an area where developers could build apartments, according to the new draft of the city’s general plan. The changes to the city’s general plan includes around 350 single family homes zoned for commercial or dense residential housing. 

“Nobody knew this was happening. You can’t blame the community for being upset because we have no idea,” Short said.

The new concept and the way it was quietly rolled out upset Short and many of his neighbors. 

“They are very angry. They feel betrayed,” Mayor Flint said.

Mayor  Flint said the fears of demolishing hundreds of homes for development are unfounded. 

“It’s so far from the truth, it is unbelievable,” Mayor Flint told News4Utah. 

As a new township, the city is required to create a general plan to help guide future growth. When drafting the document, the township’s planning commission outlined areas with development potential decades in the future.

It is extremely preliminary, adds Mayor Flint, and likely will not be approved as-is. 

“I don’t even see it as what could be, it just gives the planning commission of what might be allowed. That’s what general plans are,” Mayor Flint said. 

Short and others say they’re happy with one commercial development in the township: an orthodontist office.

“We are fully developed and we are happy with the way things are. We wish to remain that way,” Short said.

The public is invited to go to a final meeting to discuss the proposed changes to the general plan. It will be held Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30 p.m. in the Alta View Elementary auditorium.

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